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Why do my remote searches show the same job repeated over and over?

Companies hire in different ways and have various preferences. For example, a company may have a job opening that could be filled in more than one location – and a qualified remote worker would also be acceptable.

These jobs are likely to be placed on the internet as individual posts, often with individual URLs:

Location: New York, NY, remote acceptable for the right candidate;

Location: Miami, FL, remote acceptable for the right candidate.

This would lead to our technology automatically gathering all variations of the position that use the word “remote” as an option on the listing.

As a result, when you select “remote” for your search, you may see the identical job title from the same company multiple times.

Ladders recommends a thorough read of the job description details, in case an employer has decided to add any caveats to the remote offer that may not fit your own requirements.

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