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How do I add my contacts?


On any page in your account, you’ll see an “Experts” option at the top of the page.

Hover your arrow over it and choose “My Network” from the drop down box.

On the page, you’ll see:


To connect your Google contacts, tap the “Google” option and a box will appear asking you to sign in to your Google Account. Sign in and your contacts will be added automatically.

To connect your LinkedIn contacts, tap the “LinkedIn” option and the following box will appear:


Tap the link at the top that says: “LinkedIn account settings” and sign in to your LinkedIn account.

This will take you to the “Manage your data and activity” page on your account.


Tap the bubble option: “Want something in particular? Select the data files you’re most interested in”. Then select the “Imported Contacts” and “Connections” check boxes.

Tap the “Request Archive” button.

This will prompt a password request. Once done, LinkedIn will send an email to the email address connected to your account. It may take up to 10 minutes to arrive.

Once it arrives, download the file and drop it onto your Ladders Network page in the “Drop your archive file here” box (shown above), or tap the “LinkedIn account settings” link in the same box and choose the downloaded file from your computer.


To visit your networking page from here, follow this link: 


For additional information on adding contacts, see our Learning Ladders article.

If you need any further assistance, you can contact our customer service team by emailing For live support, you can contact us Monday through Friday, 9AM to 8PM, EST either by tapping the LiveChat link on the top of your Account page, or by calling 1-866-800-4640. 

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